Family sex scenes in “Sharing Is Caring” movie!

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Megan and her stepbro always get into fights over the TV.

Big bro wants to watch sports while Megan always wants to watch her stupid sitcoms. They can never agree!

Megan tries seducing big bro for the remote by mounting him with no panties on. On a day when mom wasnt home he might bite but she was right behind them doing laundry!

No way this was going down. She gyrates on his penis a little and when she goes to suck it, he gives in. No self respecting stepbro can pass up a BJ from his hot stepsis. Its against the rules!

They almost get caught a few times, but manage to sneak in the raunchiest fuck sesh that house as ever seen. They are in the clear as big bro finishes on Megans face.

Mom comes back to ask the kids a question just before Megan has time to wipe that jizz off.

We wonder what kind of punishment a strict mom gives for fucking her sibling???

Only time will tell.

Family Srtokes

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